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ChangeLog Edition DemonMU: 27/01/2023


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CHANGELOG: 22/01/2023
- Change main exp to 300x / vip: 400x
- Change master level experience to 150x / vip: 200x
- Change main drop to 30%
- Added Money Reward for TOP 3 guild! Minimum pool reward on this edition 400USD!
- Added System GUILD MONEY REWARD! more info in poster and guide(build)
- Maximum guild player change to 30 person
- Remove alliance
- Remove drop socket item from Arena1 and 2 map!
- Remove drop Talisman of Wings Box from Arena 1 and 2 map!
- Remove Webshop!
- Remove Wings 3,5 lvl from XSHOP!
- Remove Gold and Silver Key from XSHOP!
- Remove Jewel of Full from XSHop,  added Jewel of Elevation
- Changed Combo delay - back settings to previous edition (1.1s)
- Back PvP Ballance BM class from previous edition
- Back in pvp skill BM from previous edition (RB,TS, DS, Destruction)
- Remove experience system table (1-200 lvl = 50%)! 
- Remove experience system table boost (1GR-20GR)!
- Changed reward for 15 GR Bonus System: Blue Tiger + Set Maximus+0+0+L+ 5 empty slot
- Added Stats Burn after Grand Resets: 5000 free stats more every GR
- Changed DMG and DEF Wings of Power to 92% and added for complete quest 200 points for guild!
(to add points for guild please contact: messenger, discord, ticket system) 
- Changed time and drop invastion: Kundun, Aragog, Demon Invasion, Centaur Invasion, Evomon Invasion,
Diablos Invasion, Morgoth, Medusa, Skeleton King, Erohim. More info soon in quide.
- Sleep Skill time change to 15 seconds and add delay for this skill 3 seconds.
- Remove drop ACC items in Land of Trial! (caused by GUILD MONEY REWARD system!)
- Added 500 Guild Bonus Points to ranking for win Castle Siege (caused by GUILD MONEY REWARD system!)


CHANGELOG: 23/01/2023
- Added 3 spots to LOT Map
- Added drop to LOT Map Talisman of Wings Box 
- Added additional Item Required (1x Condor Feather + 3x Condor Flame) to Talisman of Wings NPC
- Enable use Jewel of Full on Wings 
- Changes a few prize in XSHOP and changed maximum time buff to 7 days 
- Changes custom pet bonus experience (Guide System Updated)
- Recoding Kundun event to Invasion Time Event!
- Medusa Invasion only on sub PvP!
- Update Guide System
- Added to event timer Kundun Invasion
- Prepare new client and patch to game!


CHANGELOG: 24/01/2023
- Kalima 7 Map on all sub is map PVP!
- Increased Bonus points after GR to 600 CREDITS!
- Added new Guide: Medusa, Kundun, Top3 Guild
- Changed time to kill Medusa to 15 minutes
- Changed time to kill Kundun to 20 minutes
- Elf Buffer max level working: 300lvl


CHANGELOG: 25/01/2023
- Added new Guide: Silver and Gold box, 380 lvl items drop, Socket Items
- Add Raklion event on sub NoN_PvP every 4 hours
- Update Paypal System
- Boost DMG Power Monster: Selupan, Medusa, Kundun, Erohim, Aragog, Death King, Diablos Boss,
Maya Hand Right, Maya Hand Left, Nightmare
- Fixed durability bug in xshop (rings and pendants)
- 40% reduced value drop zen
- Exp party normal and master fixed! (normal boost: 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% - 5 person no gold party,
15%, 20%, 25% - min 3 person to enable gold party, 5 person max 25% boost)


CHANGELOG: 26/01/2023
- Reduced bonus experience on BC event
- Reduced bonus experience on DG event
- Increased chance to mix wings 2 and 3lvl with exe options to 40%!
- Increased chance to mix 3lvl wings from 40 to 60%!
- BC every 2h on all sub_server
- CC every 2h on server PvP and Vip
- DS every 2h on all sub_server
- Kundun Invasion on sub Vip every 2 hours
- Changed Top5 Players Reward Credits for Next Edition:
Top1: 5000, Top2: 4000, Top3: 3000, Top4: 2000, Top5: 1500
- Added section Changelog to account panel on website
- Update Guide: Kundun, Sub Vip, Sub NoN_PvP


CHANGELOG: 29/01/2023
- Fixed PayU system - not added automatic credits 28/01/2023
- Fixed Decay skill a few boss monster
- Disable Buff od Gladiator (generated a lot of fake duels)


CHANGELOG: 31/01/2023
- Reset and Level required to GR: 60RR and 400 lvl
- Max reset in game: 62RR (for max stats)
- Bonus Credits for GR: 800 Credits
- Bonus Stats for GR: 15k stats * number_GR


CHANGELOG: 04/02/2023
- Small fix: Kundun Order Protection time changed from 10 to 5 seconds.


CHANGELOG: 07/02/2023
- Enabled Options: Reset the player hit damage when he dies

GUIDE SYSTEM is Updated!




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