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ChangeLog 09.12.2022


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ChangeLog 09.12.2022

- Changed time access to Secret Map: 1 creation = 6 minutes
- NEW EVENT KING OF MU! more info in guide on web!
Win Karutan1 Access Map (drop ACC and JOG) for your guild! 
- Changed warp on Devias3 (required for King of MU Event)
- Rebuild Guild Buff System:
Work on map: Arena, Raklion, Secret Map, Karutan1
Person to activate: 3
- Changed Bonus Exp for GR:
1GR-4GR = 10% exp boost
5GR-9GR = 20% exp boost
10GR-14GR = 30% exp boost
15GR-19GR = 40% exp boost
20GR+ = 50% exp boost
- Changed to 5k bonus free stats points after GR (5k * number_gr)
- Disable Alliance Guild
- Reduced Guild to maximum 30 person
- Changed Power Dragons - Reduced DMG, DEF, HP and EXP - more info in guide on web
- Chance to White Dragon changed to 5%
- Small reduced drop Dragon Egg in Lost Tower map
- Changed Power Blue Wolf - Boost DMG and DEF - more info in guide on web
- Config Golden Fenrir to ~10% DMG and ~10% DEF 
small differences depend on character classes 
- Fixed correct name descriptions items
- Fixed Survival Event
- PvP cnahges: 
DL vs BM = small boost
BM vs DL = small boost
BM vs Elf = small boost
- Boost Elf Buff to BM (Def 10%, DMG 15%) 
- Configuration Christmas Event! Win Christmas Fenrir!
Event start: 21/12/2021 5PM (17:00) - 02/01/2023 7AM (07:00)
- We changed the amount of credit via paypal to the current euro exchange rate
- Other small fixed bugs (fix update)

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