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ChangeLog 24.10.2022


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CHANGELOG: 24/10/2022
- Changed Combo delay
- Nerfed BM vs all class
- Nerfed in pvp skill BM (RB,TS, DS, Destruction)
- Changed Morgoth day attack and drop - more info in guide
- Changed Skeleton King and Selupan - boost dmg and hp
- Changed exp 1-200 lvl from 30% to 50%
- Remove stats burn after Grand Resets
- Changed DMG and DEF Wings of Power to 90%
- Changed max run client to 3
- Block use combo and shield skill on custom pet
- Boost Golden Fenrir dmg and def to ~15%
- Changed a few Quest in Quest System - more info in guide
- Added to Xshop skills for Wcoin
- Webshop is enabled 04.11.2022 5PM (one week after start)
- Wings Conqueror and Angel and Devil enabled buy 04.11.2022 5PM 
- Invasion Demon and Evomon is enabled on start server 28.11.2022 5PM
- Fixed visual in skill tree % value Rage Fighter a few skills
- Exchange System is rebuild, only can exchange full set (5 item or 4 on MG) not one items!
- Drop items from Selupan Boss changed to 2 items
- Configuration Halloween Event - more info soon
- Upload new full client 25/10/2022 

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