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ChangeLog New Edition MAY 2022!


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CHANGELOG 11.05.2022

- Fixed Level Required for Wings
- Boost Exp when have GR (5% more exp for GR)
eqample: 1GR=5% boost, 5GR=25% boost, 10GR= 50% boost
Maximum Boost is on 20GR=100% more exp!
- Nerfed drop items to make invitation (bc, ds, it, k1-7)
- Rebuild Combo MG (3 skills) (2 and 3 skill: TS, Inferno, FS)
- Back BM Combo to default settings (3 skill combo)
- Update server and client to latest version
- Added to game Spinner Draw! HOT!
- Added new Mini Map!
- Config Combo Skill for BM and MG
- Rebuild PvP BM and MG
- Added New Buff Icon (show value and time working)
- Added small icon buff to party bar! HOT!
- Added to Ultra Weapons PASSIVE OPTIONS!
5% Double Damage and 1% Triple Damage!
- Infinity Arror work on 1 lvl not required use skill!
- Added RESET BUTTON (show requirements to reset)
- Ultra Sets give Bonus Passive Options +3% HP per item!
- Fixed soccer and guild war
- Change guild war winner points to 20


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