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ChangeLog 25.03.2022


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CHANGELOG: 25/03/2022
- Fixed exp in BC Master
- Fixed drop in all BC
- Fixed drop Acc item in LOT
- Fixed Ice Arrow on Castle Siege Event
- Small Boost Seed: DI (Defence Increase) and HI (Health Increase)
- Change Reward items for quest to WINGS OF POWER!
(Boost Wings of Power +-5% more DMG and DEF)
- Nerfed exp: 0GR = 60% Exp, 1GR = 70% Exp, 2GR = 80% Exp,
3GR = 90% Exp, 4GR-100GR= 100% Exp
- Burst starts after resets, all class 800, DL= 1000 per reset
- Bonus Stats for Grand Resets, all class 40000, DL= 48000
- Nerfed drop zen on all maps
- Remove from Morgoth Blue Tiger and Blue Wolf
- Blue Centaur 15% chance to drop Summon Book (NEW!)
- Added on all sub Arena 2 Map (PVP)
- Added +1 monsters on Arena and Vulcanus spots!
- Added for 20GR = Blue Wolf
- Added for 25GR = Protection Blue Wolf (when have Blue Wolf on your account after end edition, automated added to your ware on new edition!)
- Changes 4GR Reward to passive Options: Experience back to 100%! Its automated!
- Block leave gens in game, added module delete gens to website
- Changes in Grand Reset Bonus System (more info soon)!
- Medusa drop 1 items!
- Blue Wolf only for GR BONUS REWARD!
- Red and Blue Tiger only for Centaur Invasion!
(Delete drop from other mobs and boxes)
- Lorencia drop event disabled
- Small changes price in xshop
- Rebuild webshop in website
- Wings of Conqueror and Angel and Devil required 3rd quest!
- Boost min and max dmg and hp boss: Selupan, Medusa, Red and Blue Centaur, Nightmare, Kundun, Erohim, Diablos
- Changes skill attack mobs: Diablos, Aragog, Red and Blue Centaur (not use all times Evil Spirit)
- Added to website to account panel option to reset gens evenry 48h - cost 200 credits
- Nerfed drop Box of Heaven and add more jewels to this box
- Small changes in PVP DL vs BM/SM (small boost DL)
- Changes price for vip, old vip is normally working on new edition
- FIxed spot in map Karutan1 and 2 and Vulcanus
- Added new spot to map Arena and Arena2
- Post cost 10 000 000 zen
- Boost monsters on vulcanus spots to 126lvl

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