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ChangeLog 15.12.2021


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- added new system chat in game
- reskin Red and Black Demon Monster
- added new Diablos Boss (invasion in LostTower)
- added new pet Blue Wolf (drop from Diablos Boss - 1% chance)
- added new pet Christmas Fenrir
- added new NPC Marathon Event
- changed time Castle Siege to Sunday 7PM
- fix cherry blossom mix
- fix fenrir mix
- fix Talisman of Luck (visual value in chaos machine)
- boost pvp SM to DL
- nerf pvp DL vs MG
- change points after GR to 2500 x GR_value
- max lvl item in webshop to +11 (sets, wings)
- block drop from inventory "ball" in IT event
- small changes in drop system
- added new system remove seed sphere from item!
(70% chance to back seed sphere when remove from item)
- changes in exchange system
- added Castle Siege Ranking, 1 CS win = 500 Credits to next edition!
... other change in progress

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