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CHANGELOG 13/03/2021:
- Block marry trace on GSCS
- Enabled disconnect online account (must login on online account)
- Added more durability pets
- Fixed quest system and PREMIUM WOG BOX
- Small changes on PvP on this edition 
- Disable drop set normal items 380lvl
- Medusa respawn only on PvP Sub
- Added new 20GR Bonus Reward

CHANGELOG 09/03/2021:
- Added new exe weapons
- Added new exe shield
- Added new custom box (Auction System)
- Fixed all Archangel weapons 
- Added Medusa Invasion
- Updated Quides System
- Talisman of Wings Box drop change to min 120lvl monster (Arena)
- Added new weapons, shield to Skeleton King event


CHANGELOG 03/03/2021:
- Fixed Cashshop
- Added Maximus Set to client (15 GR Bonus)
- Added new Excellent Set to Custom Quest!
- Fixed description pet panda, deamon, spirit guardian 
- Reduces reflect to 30% maximum


CHANGELOG 23/02/2021:
- Added AntiLag to client F9
- Added Camera 3D to client F10/F11
- New MiniMap
- New Window Bar (show level, stats)
- Update files to version: 24

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