UPDATE 30/10/2023
- New Client required to game
- Fixed problem HWID limit connection
- Fixed messages 363 in Batle Pass
- Prepare client to Halloween

UPDATE 28/10/2023
- Update server to latest version
- Seciurity Update

- Added chance to Golden Mix Cherry Blossom Red and Green Dragon

- Update server to latest version
- Update Antyhack to latest version
- Experience back to 500x and 750x for Vip
- Drop rate back to 30%
- Added Battle Pass System - more info in guide
- Added Guild Logo around Nickname
- Removed Bonus GR System and NPC
- Added Stars to Battle Pass system for resets
- Added anty-lag options disable wings (ESC->Options)
- Fixed static effect wings Uber and items Uber
- Added Options to change colors your set items and weapons! (Right Alt + Right Click)
- Added new ranking top 5 guild edition. Guild obtain wcoin for new edition - More info in Guide
- We delete 500 credits for winning CS (next edition), we prepare new systemn TOP 5 Guild! - More in Guide
- Drop rate items back to previous edition
- Added option trade for zen, wcoinc and goblin points!
- Fix party level gap to check all member in the party
- Fix party level gap after reconnect
- Fix party search can't party member add the party to the list
- Fix custom jewel uses on wizard's ring
- Fix Right click in the chaos mix when is mixing
- Changed Free Stats after GR to 10k every GR
- Experience 1-200lvl back to 30%
- New System Bonus Experience every Grand Resets
- Remove drop items evolution from Box of Kundun+5
- Back to 2x Crocodile on invasion
- Small nerf DMG (3-5%) all Class for MG
- Changed GP obtain for boss - all in Guide
- Changes drop from Senior MIX - check Drop List
- Changes Battle Pass Reward 11GR, 12GR, 13GR, 14GR, 15GR to 10GR!
- Crocodile Invasion - changed respawn time to 60 minutes
- Delete from Mega Reaper drop jewels
- Reduced drop Jewel of Mega Wings to 5% from Mega Knight monster
- Changed time map when win KING OF MU to 75 hours

UPDATE 09/07/2023
- Fixed Disconnect when moving from maps
- Fixed a system that generated delays in the main
- Fixed what did not let open more than 2 windows

UPDATE 07/07/2023
- Added new Lucky Wheel number 7 (30 chaos)
- Probably fixed 90% dc when warp to CW map and change sub Fix required new client or update files from Launcher!
Fix is not required to play, but when you have new stable client must download!

UPDATE 06/07/2023
- Updated drop from: Helm Box, Armor Box, Helm Box, Gloves Box, Boots Box, Weapons/Shields Box
- Updated drop from boss Archangel

UPDATE 01/07/2023
- Fixed rare situation when main crash

UPDATE 29/06/2023
- Update AntyHack System
- Fixed Error Checksum
- Added Camera 3d (F10/F11)
- Remove Matrix Plugin (Window Controler F7,
Auto Attack F9 and Custom Name Window)
We are waiting for a compatible version to add this plugin!

You can remove these files from the client:
- Checksum.premium
- plugin.premium
- WarOfGlory.dll
- xController.ini

UPDATE 23/06/2023
- added new event Summon Scroll
- added new items Summon Scroll Book
- added do Golden Archer new MIX: CLICK HERE
- added drop Condor Flame on Arena

UPDATE 15/06/2023
- Changed drop from starter ring 40lvl and 80lvl
- Change class - new restriction for Guild Master and Alliance Master
- Reduced Vip price
- MuHelper work on 1 lvl
- Added more maps to Guild buff bonus
- Changed warn system - use /chatban

UPDATE 14/06/2023
- Death King Invasion added to sub NoN_PvP every 12 hours (08:15, 20:15)
- Selupan event added to sub NoN_PvP every 8 hours (PvP disabled)
- Update Sub Vip description on guide
- Ranking guild money disabled on this edition! We plan add other system in future.
- Changed Reward in Quest System: Mission: 2, 3, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 28, 29

UPDATE 13/06/2023
- Fixed Uber Shield bonus options
- Fixed Uber Helms bonus options
- Added to Box of Kundun +5 change to drop 380lvl items and evolution items!

UPDATE 12/06/2023
- Boost experience level 1-200 from 30 to 50%
- Added to client new Antyhack system
- Added to server new antyhack system
- Changes reward for Grand Resets
- Open Beta Test
- Re-build old Launcher to work with new system
- Added support Discord
- Added spots to Uber Sub map: Lorencia, Noria, Devias, Dungeon, Elbeland, Atlans, LostTower
- Changed on sub NoN (Arena, LostTower, Kalima7) auto move from 4 to 6 hours (00:00, 06:00, 12:00, 18:00)
- Changed limited run client from 3 to 4
- Every GR you get 25k stats points to distribute (2GR=50k, 3GR 75k etc)
- We testing new Anty-Afk system on Sub NoN. Players can check AFK other players!
When no reply (5 minutes) automated move to Lorencia. To use command must have minimum 10RR!
Command can use every 10 minutes! Command: /afk nickname and /noafk
- Add one Golden Monster more from 3 to 4 every Invasion
- Changes 1 and 10 Grand Reset Reward System. 1GR = Golden Fenrir, 10GR= 3x Uber Jewel
- Changes required Guardian (1x Bundle Jewel of Guardian (30)) to Wings 3lvl exchange system.

UPDATE 11/06/2023
- Update Server to Latest Version
- Changes experience to: 1000x
- Increased drop to 60%
- One more mobs on spots!
- More drop exe items on spots
- More invasion! more monsters!
- Increased drop all items! (jewels, talisman box)
- Added new camera 3d, anti-lag system, save zoom camera
- Added new AH System
- Added evolution Maximus set to Mega, Ultra and Uber!