UPDATE 06/06/2024
- Added MatrixPlugin (camera 3d, new system antylag (F7),
Lock System (F6), Window Title (Show Level, Master Level and Stats),
Auto Attack System (Ctrl+F9), Tray Mode (after kill window back),
HuntingLog System, Range Circle in MuHelper,
Buttons to Reset Skill Tree and much more...
- Updated AH system.
- Remove 3 spots from Vulcanus map (5 stay)
- Change exp on NoN_PvP sub to 600x
- Reduces Master Exp to 80x
- Disable Golden Invasion on NoN_PvP sub
- Disable Nightmare event on Vip sub
- Respawn Kundun and Selupan on sub PvP and Vip = 3 hours
- Change Battle Pass Reward (more wcoins, less price a few items)
- Disable Blood Demon on Vip Sub
- Blood Demon respawn every 12 hours after kill
- Change drop rate from Blood Demon to 7% chance
- Aragog monster on invasion = 3 mobs
- Repair HWID block connection
- Disable Exchange System for Gold Credits
- Lucky Wheel System re-configured
- Aragon Invasion only on PvP sub
- Enable PvP on Selupan Zone sub Vip
- OffAttack change time: Normal: 9 hours, Vip: 12 hours
- The webshop has been enabled, but all items that were previously
available have been removed. Only unique items will be added,
added occasionally, sometimes limited in quantity and time in a given period.
- Unique System Stage:
Every month we add new items and events where can find your new equipments.
- Changes drop from Black Demon

UPDATE 15/03/2024
- New client required to game
- Update system seciurity
- Update XOR system

UPDATE 15/02/2024
- Added Jewel of Level to box of kundun 1-5
- Disable Moss Merchant
- Added Pandora Event (Map Icarus)
- Added Guild Reign Event (Map Arena and Vulcanus)
- Changed drop Lord Silvester to 3 items (Kundun Box 1-5)
- Nerf HP Lord Silvester
- Nerf pvp BM vs BM
- Small nerf PvP SM vs other class
- Disable drop all items and zen on ground (Devil Square Event)
- Changes mix wings 3lvl to oryginal value
- Reduces Demon to 1 per invasion

UPDATE 13/02/2024
- Added Widescreen mode - must enable in Settings.ini
- Offhelper pick by account level
- Fix press shift +1+2 etc change to DL skill
- Fix Moss Merchant position reload
- BattlePass star log
- Custom attack/offattack auto repair items
- Improvements in communication performance with the viewport
- Fix Custom quest consume weared items
- Fix add scrolls doesn't check the leadership status
- Remove spots on King of Mu Map (added single monster)
- Remove spots on Land of Trial Map
- Reduce drop Items on BC, DS events
- Changed system obtain wings 4 lvl - more info in guide
- Changed Battle Pass System - more info in guide
- Totally reconfiguration Luchy Wheel System
- Remove one monsters from all spots
- Added new NPC in Devias to mix 4 lvl wings
- Added option to Assistant Guild can recruit players to guild
- Update server files to latest version
- Update AH System to latest version
- Better working client, reduced consumption cpu, ram
- Fast loading client
- Back ping show in game
- Remove Wings 3 lvl from webshop
- Added OffHelper System

UPDATE 30/10/2023
- New Client required to game
- Fixed problem HWID limit connection
- Fixed messages 363 in Batle Pass
- Prepare client to Halloween

UPDATE 26/10/2023
- New Client required to game
- Free System Glow (change color your sets and weapons)
- Party bonus exp configured for 7 players (1 players more +3% boost exp)
- New balance configuration Dark Lord class (PvP and PvM) for more balanced:
(changed speed, dmg, and defence) Max speed: 1000
- Chaos Castle 1-6 drop simple jewels (bless, soul, chaos, life, creation)
- Chaos Castle 7 have 90% chance to drop ACC Items!
- Disable on sub NoN Invasion (Diablos, Aragog, Centaur, Skeleton King)
- Kundun drop 3 acc items (previous edition drop 2)

UPDATE 25/10/2023
- New Client required to game
- Maximum players in party: 7
- Added new map Arkania (based od Blood Tarkan map)
- Added new monsters to Arkania Map
- Added new Boss Blood Demon
- Added new wings Halloween (Unique - Event Time)
- Added set Halloween (Unique - Event Time)
- Added spots to map Arkania
- Added new spots to map Vulcanus
- Remove drop Talisman of Wing Box from Arena Map
- Remove Custom Pet: Red Tiger, Blue Tiger, Blue Wolf
- Changed Drop from Boss: Medusa, Skeleton King, Red and Blue Centaur
- Added protection to move items (Rare Item Ticket 1,2,5)
- Added Rare Item Ticket 1 = exchange to Black Fenrir at Golden Archer
- Added Rare Item Ticket 2 = exchange to Blue Fenrir at Golden Archer
- Added New Boss Blood Diablo = chance drop Golden Fenrir
- Red Centaur chance drop to Red Fenrir
- Update Ah and Server to latest version
- Added New Guild Ranking - more info in guide
- Boost Dmg, Def and Hp Medusa boss
- Change Battle Pass Reward System
- Disable trade Goblin Points

UPDATE 07/09/2023
- New Client required to game
- Update server to latest version
- Update Antyhack to latest version
- Added anty-lag options disable wings (ESC->Options)
- Added Options to change colors your set items and weapons! (Right Alt + Right Click)
- Added option trade for zen, wcoinc and goblin points!
- Fix party level gap to check all member in the party
- Fix party level gap after reconnect
- Fix party search can't party member add the party to the list
- Fix custom jewel uses on wizard's ring
- Fix Right click in the chaos mix when is mixing

UPDATE 02/08/2023
- Added Battle Pass System
- Added Guide for Battle Pass System
- Delete drop Wings Box in LOT and Secret Map
- Added drop ACC items in LOT and Secret Map
- Added Drop Wings Box (Arena PVP and Vip) from monster 135+ level
- Replace gens icon, at the moment show guild logo
- Added to WebShop Wings Conqueror and Wings Devil and Angel
- Delete Bonus GR System (new system is Battle Pass)
- Small nerf DL vs BM
- Delete Arena2 Map
- Changes in Lucky Wheel (1,2,3 and 6 wheel)
- Remove Top 3 Guild Money Ranking
- Remove Lahap NPC
- Remove 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 GR NPC
- Reduced Vip Price
- Custom Quest number 3 remove time from small wings
- Allow 1 Alliance Guild
- Guild members limit 30 members
- Remove from Arena Map (NoN_PvP Sub) auto warp every 4 hours
- Added to Sub NoN_PvP Anti-Afk System (/afk and /noafk command)

UPDATE 01/08/2023
- Back change exp to old (x800)
- Drop back to 40% from 30%
- GR back to 70RR = 700 credits
- Back WebShop (start 7 days after start server)
- Back wings 3,5 lvl (avaiable 7 days after start server)
- Remove gens
- Bot work on 1 lvl
- Totally re-build Bonus Grand Reset system,
at the moment this system is controlled by BATTLE PASS! 1RR = 10 STARS! VIP 1RR = 12 STARS!